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Chhota Rafi – Malayalam Podcast with Saurav Kishan From Calicut

Saurav Kishan – Chhota Rafi from Kerala has become an internet sensation with his beautiful singing of the famous Mohammad Rafi song “Teri Ankho Ke Siva Duniya Me Rakha Kya Hai”. Check out the Malayalam podcast with Saurav Kishan. Listening options are given below.

ഡ്രീം മലയാളം പോഡ്‌കാസ്റ്റിന്റെ ഏറ്റവും പുതിയ എപ്പിസോഡ് അവതരിപ്പിക്കുന്നു – സൗരവ് കിഷനുമായുള്ള ചാറ്റ്. പ്രശസ്തമായ മുഹമ്മദ് റാഫി ഗാനം “തേരി ആൻകൊ കേ സിവ ദുനിയാ മെ രഖാ ക്യാ ഹേ” 1969-ൽ പുറത്തിറങ്ങിയ ചിരാഗ് എന്ന ചിത്രത്തിലെ ഈ ഗാനം ആലപിച്ചതിലൂടെ അദ്ദേഹം ഇൻറർനെറ്റിൽ തരംഗമായി.

കേരളത്തിലെ കോഴിക്കോട് സ്വദേശിയാണ് സൗരവ് കിഷൻ. ഈ മലയാള പോഡ്കാസ്റ്റിൽ, ജീവിതത്തിലെ തന്റെ പ്രിയപ്പെട്ട കാര്യങ്ങളെക്കുറിച്ചും സ്വപ്നങ്ങളെക്കുറിച്ചും സൗരവ് മനസ്സ് തുറക്കുന്നു.

സൗരവ് കിഷനെക്കുറിച്ച് 30 മിനിറ്റിനുള്ളിൽ കൂടുതലറിയുക.

“ഒറ്റ ലൈഫ് അല്ലെ ഉള്ളു, മാക്സിമം എൻജോയ് ചെയ്യുക”

Saurav Kishan

Saurav Kishan Chota Rafi Malayalam Podcast – YouTube

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Dream Malayalam Podcast

Saurav Kishan Singing his favourite Hindi song on Dream Malayalam Podcast

Chhota Rafi from Kerala – Saurav Kishan’s Favourite Malayalam song – From Podcast Interview

Saurav Kishan Interview

Kozhikode is famous for its great food, beautiful beach and its loving people. Now Kozhikode can add one more thing to its list – Saurav Kishan. Saurav has captured hearts of millions of Mohammad Rafi fans all over the world with his wonderful singing.

His singing was so touching that high profile celebrities tweeted about him which catapulted him to internet stardom. The internet world, especially the social media, welcomed Saurav Kishan into their hearts.

Presenting the newest episode of the Dream Malayalam podcast – a chat with Saurav Kishan. He has become an internet sensation with his beautiful singing of the famous Mohammad Rafi song “Teri Ankho Ke Siva Duniya Me Rakha Kya Hai”.

Saurav Kishan is from Kozhikode, Kerala. In this Malayalam podcast, Saurav opens up about his favorite things in life, his dreams and more.

Learn more about Saurav Kishan in less than 30 minutes.

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Show notes – Saurav Kishan Biography

Where are you from Saurav Kishan?

I am from Calicut, Kerala

Were you born and brought up there itself?

Yes, here only.

And your parents?

My parents are also from Calicut. My entire family is from Calicut.

When you hear the name Saurav Kishan, you think first of Saurav Ganguly, and then Kishan sounds like a North Indian name, is there any story behind your name?

My dad used to be a good cricket player. My dad liked Sunil Gavaskar, Saurav Ganguly, Sachin Tendulkar very much. That is how he came up with my name.

Did you choose music by yourself or was there any influence from your parents?

It was my choice. When I was young, my dad wanted to make me a cricket player. Then my “Achachan” sings very well. He is a doctor as well. He used to play old songs of Rafi saab, Kishor da, Ashaji, Lathaji on his gramophone. That is how I started admiring old Hindi songs.

One of the amazing things is that, when we hear your singing, it was hard to believe that it was sung by a Malayalee. The pronunciation all felt (to a non-Hindi speaking person) that it was sung by native Hindi speaker. It is just awesome!

How did you learn to sing Hindi songs so perfectly?

There is a leading singer of Mukesh da songs in Calicut named Nayan Jitendra Shah sir who helps me with correcting the Hindi diction. He is originally from Gujarat. So, he knows Hindi language well. He is the one who used to teach me the Hindi pronunciation while singing.

That is great! The feel of the viral song was awesome, not just that, it really felt that it was being sung by Mohammad Rafi.

Have you ever dreamt of this day?

I am still not sure whether I am in a dream now.

So, you are studying currently, correct?

I am studying medicine; I am in my 5th year. Studying through online classes currently. Due to COVID pandemic, I am at my hometown.

Where are you studying?

Xinjiang Medical University, it is in Beijing Province.

Were you staying there before or were you doing online classes?

I came back home during my 5th year. 10 days later, I heard about the COVID outbreak.

You came back at the correct time.

Then, in April 2020, the classes started. They had to finish the portions on time. University advised to come to the college only for the practicals to take the credits and rest could be done remote.

Did you choose medicine field by yourself?

Yes, my parents never forced me for anything. I followed the footsteps of my Achachan. That is how I liked the medicine field. Half of my family is in the medicine field. I saw them and got inspired to choose medicine field.

Achachan means?

My paternal grandfather.

Who else are at your home?

Grandfather, Grandmother, younger brother, cousin, cousin’s wife.

Which field does your brother like?


Do you have any hidden talents?

I really like football. I play some football as well.

Which position do you play?

CF = Center Forward.

Do you like Messi or Ronaldo?

Ronaldo, always Ronaldo.

Which was your favorite subject during school days?

Biology used to be my favorite. Another favorite was History. I used to spend a lot of time on History. I like History very much.

Initially, you started singing on stages at a very young age, correct? You had posted a video on Instagram.

Yes, that was the video (incident) that really influenced me into Rafi Saab’s songs. The reason being, after singing the song, Johnson Maash (sir) said that if I put glasses on, then I look like Kutty (small) Rafi. That is how I got the tag and also got fully involved into Mohammad Rafi songs.

How did you get into that (singing) competition? How old were you then?

I was in 6th standard at that time.

Oh, so maybe about 10 or 11 years old.

Yeah, about 11 to 12 years.

Is your Mother or Father that supports you in this mostly?

Father, always my father. He has been the one who is backing me 100% in music.

What is your dream from here? Are you going to be focusing on becoming a doctor or going to focus on music?

Music, yes. However, both are really passions for me and not just professions. After all, we are all human beings, both are passions for me. I would like to continue with both.

That is a great answer. It is good that you are considering both as passions. Only then you would be able to continue both well. Otherwise, you might find one of them boring.

Do you spend time with lot of your friends? How do you spend your evenings usually?

Yes, always friends. When I spend time with my friends, if I have any sorrows in my mind, they disappear. If I cannot meet them, then Rafi Saab’s songs are my way out. Due to COVID, the time to spend with friends have reduced.

When did you start studying music?

At 3.5 years. I used to sing in the Doordarshan channel.

Wow! How did you start at such a young age? Did you start based on your Grandfather’s influence?

Yes, and we used to have lot of artists in our family who used to do “Mehfil” in Calicut. My grandfather used to tell me to sing during those times and used to support me a lot. Most of the artists in Calicut know me due to that experience.

Are you studying music seriously under anyone currently or learning by self or under the guidance from your Grandfather?

I am currently experimenting with music at my home studio. Studying about the feel of music. Due to COVID, I am completely focused on that now.

What is your message to listeners or children of the listeners who are aspiring singers so that they can reach your level? What are the things that they need to focus? People might think that Saurav Kishan became a great singer overnight. How many years does it take to reach your level?

Oh never (I am not an overnight success). There is a story about Picasso, the great artist, when someone asked him to produce a painting for a price. He created the painting in 30 seconds and demanded a lot of money. The person who asked for the painting was surprised and asked why so much because Picasso created the sketch in just 30 seconds. Picasso replied that it took him 30 years to create this in 30 seconds. Similarly, I have spent a lot of time in music.

This is a great message for our listeners. Many of us would think that you are an overnight success. However, there is so much of hard work and sacrifices in the background that brought you to this level.

Yes, lots of sacrifices. I was not even able to celebrate many birthdays, Christmas, Onam, Vishu. I had devoted most of my time to music.

So, good Karma will bring good things, right?


So, what are some of the things that kids who want to be a singer should be doing?

Always follow your passion. There will be a lot of opinions (from outside world) but keep following what your own heart says. Only that will be with you till end. How much love and determination you show towards what your heart says (determines how much successful you become). I am in a dream world now!

Who was the first person who identified your singing talent? How did your Grandfather know that you were talented in singing? Any story behind it?

I used to hum when I used to hear Rafi Saab’s songs on the gramophone. Also, when the song stops, I used to complete the remaining part of the song. When my grandfather misses something, I used to point it out. That is how my grandfather identified that I am really into Rafi Saab’s songs and singing.

Did you have support from your teachers at school? Usually, schools give you an opportunity to show your talents.

Yes, correct. I studied in Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan School, Chevayur, (Kozhikode). I used to have a music teacher named Shantini Miss. Also, Anitha Miss, then Gayathri Miss, these three teachers have really supported me. Also, after +2, they arranged a solo concert for me in the school. I cannot forget all that. It makes me happy (to remember the experience).

Do you used to go to other concerts than Rafi memorial concerts in Kozhikode?

Yes, I have performed at other concerts like Music Arts Association (MAA). Also, have done multiple solo Rafi night concerts.

Who is your favorite singer? Is it Mohammed Rafi itself or someone else?

Mohammed Rafi is my all time favorite. I am a big fan of all singers. Old singers as well new singers. I listen to new singers as well. They are all great.

Your song that went viral is one, but what is your personal favorite Hindi song?

My favorite song is Rafi Saab’s “Man Re Tu Kahe Na Dhir Dhare”

Would you be able to sing couple of lines please?

Have you posted this online?


You should post this online; this has a nice feel. I think this would be a hit.

Have you received offers to sing in movies? Is that your dream?

Oh, yeah definitely. If I hear something like that, my heart will skip a beat. I will be happy.

Are you receiving any new offers now? The main reason for your song to become viral was two tweets, one Shankar Mahadevan and another (Anand) Mahindra.

Zakir Hussain sir also tweeted, then Raveena Tandon madam (they also tweeted).

Wow, great.

I think since you sing Hindi songs so well, I wish you get more offers from Bollywood.

So, which is your favorite Malayalam song?

I like Babukka’s (Mohammad Sabir Baburaj) songs very much. I like songs of other music directors as well. I like their talents very well. However, Babukka’s song is one (slight) step above the rest for me.

Would you be able to sing one song, just two lines please?

M S Baburaj


Were you able to participate in the talent shows at your hometown? Due to studies, you must have been outside in the recent past, I guess.

They usually reschedule to accommodate me. When I come in February, they usually change it to February. Usually, I come back in June. During June, July, and August, I am at my hometown.

You must have travelled a lot, be it for functions, programs, or studies. So far, which has been your favorite eye-opening travel experience?

It was when I went to the Tianshan lake. It is situated on the Beijing border. They call it the “Heavenly Lake”. It really looks like heaven. When you walk, you see fog on your feet. Also, the trees are covered in white snow. It is a great sight. That was my favorite travel experience.

Do you like to travel with friends, family or travel solo more?

I like to travel solo most.

How do you manage both studies and music at the same time? Do you have separate schedules for studies and music?

It is really a tight schedule. I must wake up early to do my “riyaaz”. Then at 9 o clock, my classes start. At night I am fully involved with music. I like to spend time with music at night.

I have heard that people who sing, should not eat cold things, or fried things, do you maintain it? Is it true?

No, I do not have any restrictions. It is true, however. For singers, it is not great to consume them, especially dairy products because it will increase the mucus production. So, when you sing, it will be a breathy tone. I usually do not consume dairy products during the program times. Hot or cold, I do not really mind. I eat a lot of ice cream. Ice cream is dairy product, any way 😊

Which field are your parents in?

My dad is in the business (construction), mother is a housewife. Grandfather and the rest of the family are mostly doctors.

Do you have a reading habit?


Which is your favorite book?

Wings of Fire is my favorite. Then, I am a fan of Sherlock (Holmes) series as well.

Which is your most favorite festival to celebrate?

I like Vishu most. Vishu is a great experience for me. However, I was not able to celebrate it very well most of the time. I used to enjoy it whenever possible. I used to take part in celebrating occasionally.

Is it because you get Vishu Kai Neettam (Coins of blessings)?

Not really. It is the fireworks, kani kaanal (that which is seen first), kani konna poovu (Cassia fistula, commonly known as golden shower, purging cassia flower) etc. I love them all.

How do you sing in exactly or very similar to Mohammed Rafi’s voice? Is it achieved because of conscious experiment or did it come naturally?

Mohammed Rafi

I have listened to Rafi Saab’s songs since my early childhood. Also, I have tried to imitate Rafi Saab’s songs using nasal sound. It was Johnson maash (sir) during a grooming session that mentioned to me to not imitate Rafi Saab’s voice, and instead try to sing in my own voice. Then, I never used to strain myself while singing (Rafi songs).

Good, it sounds very natural.

Glad that people accepted my voice.

Saurav, are you planning to do any music album?

I have done couple of music albums. I have done a Hindi album. It is named Nanda Laala, lyrics by Laxmi Kanth sir, music directed by Ravi sir, Darsana Dehe Madana Gopala was the name of the song.

Where can we find it?

I think you can find it if you search on Google. My friends said it is on Saavn.

Ok, I will find it and put it on the show notes.

Darsana De He Madana Gopala

Saurav Kishan old Hindi Album

I understood your dreams, but do you have any dream for Kerala?

I want to bring some variety in music. There is only one life for humans. So maximum, would love to bring some variety in music. The rest is all left to Almighty.

Any message to our listeners?

Make every time count. That is all I want to say because there is only one life. So, enjoy Life to the maximum. Do not fall into depression. Go with the flow.

What are your social media accounts that listeners can follow you?

Instagram account – @ saurav_kishan_p.n

Facebook – saurav.kishan

Saurav Kishan songs YouTube

Saurav Kishan Twitter – @SauravKishan3

I have not heard many others with the name of Saurav Kishan. Thanks need to go to my dad for giving me a unique name.

It is about time to wind up. Let us finish with few lines from that beautiful song that went viral.

Many thanks for spending time for this. May all your wishes and dreams come true.

Nice program – Dream Malayalam. People will always like a variety item.

Image credits:

Saurav Kishan’s social media accounts.

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