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The Humble Musician and the Freedom of Choice – Malayalam Podcast with Karthik Krishnan

Have you heard of the Kalyanam Rap or Gender Roles Rap? Or Aan Rap and Sthreedanam Rap? These are few of the Malayalam rap songs sung by Karthik Krishnan popularly known as “The Humble Musician”. Through his Malayalam rap songs, Karthik has made the younger generation of Malayalees to rethink some of the social norms of Kerala. He is questioning why society has to dictate what an individual has to do or not do.

Kerala’s Socially Relevant Rapper

The Humble Musician Karthik Krishnan
Credit: The Humble Musician Karthik Krishnan

Karthik’s Sthreedanam rap song talks about the vice of dowry system. If you listen to Karthik’s Gender Role rap song, you will hear him questioning the expectations that Kerala’s society has placed on every man and woman. Should the society be the one that decides what a man or woman should do or should not do? Karthik poses this question to every Malayalee in the world through his Gender Role rap song lyrics.

Along the similar lines, the Humble Musician’s Aan Rap song puts the spot light on society’s expectation of the role that a man is expected to fulfill and the pressures associated with it. Karthik Krishnan’s rap songs continue to go into many more socially relevant topics.

Karthik is the voice for the young generation of Kerala, especially, for the women of Kerala. The modern day woman of Kerala wants to stand up to her feet and live a life NOT dictated by her husband. It is no coincidence that “The Humble Musician’s” rap songs are prompting us to ponder over many archaic and regressive social norms that are long due to be re-written.

Karthik Krishnan’s music journey

The Humble Musician Karthik Krishnan
Credit: The Humble Musician FB

You might be surprised that Karthik Krishnan’s love for music did not start yesterday or in the recent past. It is with years of dedicated practice that he has reached this level. You will love the conversation with Karthik. This Malayalam Podcast is interlaced with his power packed Rap songs and super sweet melodies. 🎶🎵🎹🎧

I am very excited to bring to you a Malayalam podcast with “The Humble Musician” Karthik Krishnan.

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