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How ancient Kerala wisdom is being transformed to Natural Beauty Products for Indian Women – Anciya’s Ummees Naturals

Welcome to 23rd episode of Dream Malayalam Podcast. In this episode, I am chatting with Anciya KA, the founder of Ummees Naturals, the natural beauty product brand from Kerala, India. Based on Anciya, Ummees Naturals is formulated exclusively using locally available herbs through traditional methods, It is the traditional wisdom of her mother (Umma) that inspired Anciya to start this venture.

Ummees Naturals Traditional

Anciya is a source of inspiration for many house wives in Kerala. Her self confidence and determination is very evident from the talk. Most women in Kerala would hang up on their dreams once they get married. Anciya is a shining example for those women to not give up. She inspires women to keep on dreaming and shows that with hard work and persistence, one day they will be able to achieve their dreams. Listen to the wonderful Malayalam Podcast with Anciya by clicking one of the options given below.

Ummees Naturals Kumkumadi Cream

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About Ummees Naturals

Ummees Naturals store Palakkad

Ummees naturals is a brand from Kerala that creates beauty care products for skincare, haircare, and baby care. Ummees leaves you thinking about the vastness of Kerala culture. A culture that empowers women like Ansiya to step forth and take charge.

She made use of the tried and- tested traditional secrets that are passed on to her by her ummachi (mother). When Ansiya was a teenager, her ummachi would grind the medicinal herbs in their garden and make cosmetic concoctions. But Ansiya being an enthusiastic teenager, she swore that these hacks would never replace the luxe beauty brands she yearned for.

As she grew older, became a wife and a mother, using her ummachi’s hand-pound mixtures was a rite of passage. Later her enthusiasm was replaced by admiration. It was not with much thought that she posted a tribute to her ummachi and her hair oil on Facebook. But to say a Facebook post changed her life overnight wouldn’t be an exaggeration. By finding her way back to the cultural roots, Today, Ansiya is an entrepreneur that helps people to experience the magical power of natural beauty and self-care products. She is supported by her husband who quit his job to pursue her vision of success.


Show Notes;

Ummees Naturals Anciya Husband and family
Anciya and family

Native place of Anciya: Valapad Thrissur

Ummees Naturals Facebook Page:

Ummees Naturals Face Massaging Gel